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Kelp and laver

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  • South Korea South Korea
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>> Kelp and laver


  • Description 
    Healthy seasoning laver containing minerals and dietary fiber of Gijang kelp in laver, rich in vitamins.


  • Function  
    Kelp is rich in various functional substances, including dietary fiber, iodine, fucoidan, laminarin, and thus is known to be effective in obesity prevention, anti-cancer, blood-pressure control, and excretion.


  • Feature 
    1) Laver containing 6% of rare Gijang Kelp
    2) Kelp’s minerals and dietary fiber are added to laver rich in vitamins
    3) Side dish for all ages
    4) Nutrient laver for growing children dominated by instant foods
    5) Easy to eat in the open air and for school meals
    6) Healthy seasoned laver made entirely of natural ingredients is safe for the entire family;
        absolutely no chemical additives, such as food coloring, additives, MSG, combined congener.


  • Specification : 5g*3ea/1pack, 18g


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