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Kelp Tea

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  • South Korea South Korea
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>> Kelp tea


  • Description 
    Clean kelp grown under sea water. It is rich with dietary fiber and iodine.
    Its natural taste will entice the even the most discriminating palate.
    Ingredient : 100% Gijang kelp.


  • Function 
    Tea for the entire family’s health containing dietary fiber and iodine with a nutty, non-salty flavor. 


  • Tea product Kelp ingredient that is good for the body.
    - Dietary fiber: 35.8% (Korea Sea Resources Research Center, 2009)
    - Iodine: 179,060㎕/100g (Korea Nutrition Association, 1998)
    - Fucoidan: 5.6-7.2% (Korea Fisheries Association, 2002)
    - Laminaran: 13.5-21.5% (Korea Fisheries Association, 2002) Patented product developed by
      Haeorum Bio and National Sea Resources Research Center.


  • Feature( Recipe)
    Add 1 tea bag with 100ml of 95℃ water. Soak the tea bag  for 1-2 minutes before drinking the tea.


  • Specification 


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